MAN CATS T200 Diagnostic Adapter Interface

Diagnostic adapter interface MAN CATS T200 Diagnostic Adapter Interface
Type of catalogue: Diagnostic adapter interface
Make: MAN
Region: WorldWide
Inclusive languages: English
Amount of disks:
OS: WinXP, Win7

3500 $

3150 $

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Product description

Dealer diagnostic scanner MAN T200 is intended for trucks, buses and construction equipment.
Diagnostic adapter MAN T200 is designed for servicing, diagnostics and programming of electronic control units MAN vehicles and various industrial machinery.
MAN T200 is a new generation instrument dealer, who came to replace the well-known diagnostic adapter MAN CATS II, incorporated the best professional qualities and characteristics of the previous generation of scanners.
At the moment it is the only diagnostic scanner performs a full maintenance and repair of trucks, buses, commercial and other diverse special machinery MAN, on a professional level, mainly issued after 2001. It has a portable and functional device has a small size, light weight, and secure housing.

MAN T200 has the following modes of diagnosis:
Identification of electronic control units
Reading, decoding and deleting of fault codes
Special tests actuators
Monitoring systems (mapping and assessment of the current data signals from sensors)
Guided Fault Finding function
Work with service functions and technical inspection
Encoding and replacing electronic control units
MAN T200 working with the original diagnostic software MAN CATS II
Supports a wide range of MAN vehicles thanks to the universality of software with diagnostic protocols older MAN, and new vehicles MAN, equipped with the latest electronic CAN systems.

Diagnosed systems of vehicles MAN:
Engine regulation (EDC)
Electronic brake systems (EBS)
Air-conditioning systems
Central computer
Door module
Airbags and others

The electronic product "MAN CATS T200 Diagnostic Adapter Interface" is dealer's software which contains full detailed information.

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