Iveco ELTRAC (EASY) ECI Diagnostic Adapter

Diagnostic adapter interface Iveco ELTRAC (EASY) ECI Diagnostic Adapter
Type of catalogue: Diagnostic adapter interface
Make: DAF
Region: WorldWide
Inclusive languages: English
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OS: WinXP, Win7

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2610 $

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Product description

Diagnostic device Iveco ELTRAC (EASY) allows you to use a wireless connection to establish stable communication vehicle diagnostic module. This exchange of information makes it easier to maintain and make repairs of trucks. As practice shows, Iveco ELTRAC is one of the best diagnostic tools for trucks Iveco.
For Iveco ELTRAC characterized by high accuracy, fast error detection and subsequent correction. This diagnostic tool is suitable for both large garages (SRT), and individual technician vehicles Iveco.
Diagnostic adapter Iveco ELTRAC compatible with commercial and heavy vehicles Iveco, Daewoo, Tata and IRISBUS.

- Reading and erasing errors
- Perform a variety of necessary tests,
- Output stream data from the sensors and actuators,
- Dealer functions for parameterization and programming control units
- Adjustment of the engine power,
- Change the maximum speed limit,
- Adjustment of the supply quantity of fuel,
- Adjustment settings octane fuel in the engine control unit,
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