Hino Truck 2014 Parts Catalog

spare parts catalogs Hino Truck 2014 Parts Catalog
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Type of catalogue: spare parts catalogs
Make: Hino
Region: Japan
Inclusive languages: English, Japanese
Amount of disks: 1 DVD
OS: WinXP, Win7
Date: 02/2014

180 $

162 $

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Product description

The company Hino Motors - Japanese manufacturer of trucks and buses, a member of the corporation Toyota. HINO Company is the largest company in the production and sale of vehicles not only in Japan but also in the world market of commercial vehicles.
Trucks from the famous Japanese manufacturer Hino Motors are able to take on the most difficult and demand problem. This performance is achieved through excellent control characteristics of trucks, as well as rigid and at the same time flexible suspension. Rigid frame structure is made of 6 mm thick sheets typically used for medium-duty trucks, which greatly increases the strength and reliability of the trucks Hino.
Assembled in Japan, Hino trucks are specially pre-training and adaptation to difficult operating conditions are improved insulation of the cabin, provided heating fuel filters, and more.
Trucks Hino, despite its highest quality, is subject to wear and breakage, as a result, which is necessary to carry out the replacement of spare parts. For a correct and quick selection of parts and accessories for trucks Hino, you should purchase a detailed parts catalog Hino Truck 2014.
Catalog of original spare parts and accessories for trucks Hino includes detailed information about parts and accessories for trucks Hino.
After installation the program, user can access to find spare parts for the model, serial number, the catalog is a list of details of applicability, the program provides service bulletins.

Smart Runner DUTRO - easy lorries in full weight of 4250-7500 kg, wheel formulas 4õ2.
RANGER-PRO - an extensive series of lorries in full weight. Series FC, FJ, GC, GK, FG, FE, GD, GX, FX, FD. Full weight of 7900-14000 kg. Wheel formulas basically 4õ2 and 4õ4, are and 6õ4.
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Super Dolphin PROFIA. In this series lorries for work enter main tractors SH (4x2) and SS (6õ4), and also in structure of lorry convoy FN (6õ2).

The electronic product "Hino Truck 2014 Parts Catalog" is dealer's software which contains full detailed information.

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