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Date: 01/2008

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Product description

Company CompAir is one of the leading manufacturers of compressor equipment for the production of compressed air and various gases. The range of manufactured equipment covers a wide range of compressor systems and innovative solutions for various industries. Almost every production will be able to find an acceptable solution from CompAir. Total Experience SompAir company is more than 200 years of experience in the compressor market. During this period, accumulated vast experience and honed to perfection technology of compressor equipment, as well as the search for new solutions. The process of innovation in the company continues uninterrupted. Solutions implemented in hardware, are the latest scientific achievements in the field of compressed air and gases.
Detailed list of parts and accessories for compressors CompAir, you can find in the catalog of original spare parts CompAir.
Spare parts catalog includes full technical information about original spare parts and accessories, directory contains the special instructions, parts manuals, parts books and other additional information for compressors CompAirs.

Deutz M2011 Powered Compressor
C76, C62HS, C65-10, C60-12, C55-14, C62, C53-9

Deutz M1011F Powered Compressor
C62, C76, C59-10, C58-12, C57-14

Deutz F2L1011F Powered Compressor
C25, C29, C29G, C17GS

Deutz BF4M Powered Compressor
C110-9, C95-12, C85-14, C140-9, C115-12, C105-14
C125-7, C110-9, C95-12, C85-14, C140-9, C115-12, C105-14

Cummins QSB6.7 Powered Compressor
C270TS-9, C260TS-10, C250TS12, C240TS-14, C230TS-9, C220TS-10, C210TS-12, C200TS-14

Cummins QSB4.5 Powered Compressor
C125-7, C110-9, C95-12, C85-14, C140-9, C115-12, C105-14

Cummins BTTAA Powered Compressor
C180TS-9, C160TS-12
C230TS-9, C210TS-12, C200TS-14, C210TS-9, C200TS-10, C190TS-12

Cummins A2300 Powered Compressor
DLT0407 C35-10, C38, C42, C50, C62

Perkins 103-10 Powered Compressor

Kubota D1105, V1505 Powered Compressor
C20, C20GS, C25, C30

DaimlerChrysler OM364A / OM366A Powered Compressor
C100, C101, C102, C104

Honda GX 610 QZE Powered Compressor

Caterpillar C9 Powered Two Stage Air Compressors
C180-24, C210-21 and C240-17

Deutz F3L 1011F Powered Compressor
2130/S - 2150/S - 2180/S

Caterpillar C9 Powered Single Stage Air Compressors
C240-12, C255-10, C280-9 and C310

Caterpillar 3406DI-TA Powered Compressors
Holman 255-24S

Deutz F3L 1011F Powered Compressors
C37, C42, C51 MKIII Including G and GS models

Option Tower Light for C38G

Deutz F3M1011F Engine Portable Compressor
Holman C40 - 6kVA Supergas Transco

Caterpillar 3306 DI-TA-325 EPA Powered Compressor
C650-350, C750-300, C850-250 Two Stage Standard Series
C700-250, C900-150, C1100-100 Standard Series
C750-125, C900-125, C750-170 Standard Series

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