Challenger MT400B Tractor Parts Catalog

Type of catalogue: spare parts catalogs
Make: Challenger
Region: WorldWide
Inclusive languages: English
Amount of disks:
OS: Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 32 bit
Date: 09/2006

40 $

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Product description

Challenger MT400B lineup includes four models of tractors from 92 to 115 hp Farmers will appreciate the ability to install a front loader or front linkage mechanism - only two of the plurality of options that allow to expand the range of tasks that these tractors perform with ease. Powerful and reliable engines with low emissions and excellent transmission form the basis of these tractors, ensuring high speed, ease of operation and fuel economy. Challenger tractors have always been comfortable conditions in the cockpit, and MT400B Series tractors are no exception. Low noise level, efficient heating and ventilation systems, excellent all-round visibility and ease of access - all this provides an ideal working environment for a variety of operations.
Efficient operation of tractors Challenger MT400B, which are integrated in such a modern and unique technology can provide only original spare parts.
Detailed list of parts and accessories for tractors Challenger MT400B, you can find in the catalog of original spare parts Challenger MT400B Tractor.
Spare parts catalog contains full technical information on spare parts and accessories, detailed parts book, spare parts manuals, intended for tractors Challenger.

The electronic product "Challenger MT400B Tractor Parts Catalog" is dealer's software which contains full detailed information.

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