Perkins EST 2011B

Diagnostic Software Perkins EST 2011B
Diagnostic Software Perkins EST 2011B - 1
Type of catalogue: Diagnostic Software
Make: Perkins
Region: WorldWide
Inclusive languages: English
Amount of disks: 1 CD
OS: WinXP, Win7
Date: 07/2011

250 $

225 $

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Product description

Today, many leading OEMs use motors and power Perkins Parts industrial, construction, marine and agricultural equipment, self-contained power supply and much more. Such well-known international brands like FG Wilson, Compair Holman, JCB, Lincoln Electric, Schaeff, Bobcat, Bomag, and other selected as the main supplier of power units is the company Perkins.
Today in the repair computer diagnostics is considered one of the most important stages. After all, it not only shows the real state of the art, but determines the optimal algorithm to eliminate defects.
Various technical devices can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity, more efficient use of natural resources, and reduce the likelihood of human error when performing any complicated operations.
Carry out all the processes of diagnosis, will help diagnostic tool Perkins EST 2011B.
Diagnostic software includes full set of hardware and software (service system "TIPSS"). The user can use the test program Perkins EST 2011B for communicating with 2300/2800 electronic engines Perkins (FG Wilson 300 - 750 KVA range) and FG Wilson panel PowerWizard. This connection is via J1939 data link.
Software of diagnostic facilitates troubleshooting electronic systems. Key replacing ECM for 2300/2800 series engines Perkins.

Perkins EST 2011B includes the following features:
1) WinFlash Screen changes - the WinFlash screen has been updated for improved usability.
2) New Help System - in this system, existing content has been significantly updated, and new content has been added to provide information and instruction on new features.
3) Snapshot Updates – the Snapshot feature now allows users to compare data points and to change the colors on the graph.
4) Time Mode Display Options for Data Log - “Time Mode” button is now available on the Data Log screen. Clicking this button allows users to toggle the display of the graph between the PC Clock Time (HH:MM:SS) and the time that elapsed while the data was being logged.
5) Trainer Enhancements - following change was made to coach applications: application WinFlash has been added.

Diagnostic program Perkins EST 2011A has such features:
Product Status Report Enhancements
Toolbar Updates
New Directory Preferences

Perkins EST 2011C:
Required Relicensing for Upgrades
Product Status Report Updates


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