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Type of catalogue: repair manuals
Make: Nissan
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Inclusive languages: English
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Date: 10/2006

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Product description

Nissan has been created in the Japanese city of Yokohama.
Freight and passenger cars Nissan produced not only in Japan. The company has assembly plants in Europe and Asia. The bulk of sales from sales to Nissan cars of the middle class. In this segment, the products of the concern is very popular.
As with all Japanese cars, for cars of this manufacturer is typical reasonable cost Nissan, combined with the reliability and functionality of the vehicle. The company has a subsidiary, Infiniti, specializing in the production of auto-class "luxury".
Periodically truck Nissan is exposed to various kinds of breakdowns and malfunctions. To eliminate them, and prevent the emergence of new, you should buy a repair instruction Nissan UD Trucks.
Repair manual includes workshop service manuals, detailed spare parts catalog, installation instructions, parts books and manuals, service documentation, intended for UD Trucks 4x2 forward control 1999-2004, in the format of PDF.
To view the information you want the program installed ADOBE READER or ADOBE ACROBAT.

Spare parts catalog Nissan UD Trucks contains following models:

Nissan UD Trucks 1300 U4I GVWR 13.000 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 1400 U4I GVWR 14.250 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 1800CS MKA 350 GVWR 17.995 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 1800HD MKA 370 GVWR 17.995 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 2000 MKB 370 GVWR 19.500 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 2300LP LKC 370 GVWR 23.000 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 2300DH LKC 370 GVWR 23.000 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 2600 PKA 370 GVWR 25.995 lb.
Nissan UD Trucks 3300 PKC 370 GVWR 32.900 lb.

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